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Services at LWSB since 2004
Superwire Telecom (STI) is a telecommunications management company that has provided services at LWSB since February 2004.

GRF Hosted PBX Phone Service
Initially, Superwire provided Internet service to the GRF offices and wireless communication from the Admin offices to the Main Gate, Service Maintenance, and the Library. Later Superwire added a 120-phone hosted PBX service to provide telephone service to all GRF offices and facilities.

Partner With Time Warner Cable
At the end of 2007, Superwire partnered with Time Warner Cable to provide Cable TV, Telephone and Internet services available to the residents at LWSB.

Broadcast and Basic TV Service
With the Time Warner Cable contract, Superwire negotiated a Broadcast and Basic Cable TV plan that currently is priced at $26.32 per month. This contract is capped at 3.5% increase per year.

With over 70 Broadcast and Basic Cable channels, this price represents the lowest cost in America for equivalent cable TV. This package is retailed outside LWSB for over $60 per month. These channels include Disney Channel, TV Land, A&E, HGTV, TNT, TBS, History, National Geo, Spike TV, Fox Sports West, FX, AMC, Bravo, etc.

Digital TV Service with no Cable Box
Customers using a Digital TV without a cable box or Digital Adapter are not able to receive TW TV.

Channel 1390
Superwire produces Super TV - channel 1390 that features videos of interesting people and clubs events at LWSB
Superwire On-Site Building
Superwire supports these services with a Superwire-owned building that is located near the North Gate and next to the Friends of the Library building. The land for the building is leased from GRF for $1500 per month. From 2004 to 2013, this contribution to GRF is over $170,000.

Profit Sharing
In addition to no-cost technical and billing support, Superwire pays GRF about 5% of its income, which in the past has come out to over $100K per year. Over the years this contribution has totaled over $450,000.

Superwire sponsors amphitheater events each year (such as Beatlemania, the John Davidson Show, The Pat Boone Show, and The 50th Anniversary Show, The Debbie Reynolds Show, etc.) along with events like the GRF Volunteer Luncheon and American Legion Dinner. Superwire also provides a LWSB Community channel featuring LWSB people and activities

WI-FI access
Coordinate Wi-fi to Club Houses 3,4,5,and 6 and to the Library, Library Patio Area, and Computer Club at no charge.

Electronic Sign
Superwire donated the sign at the stop light to GRF.


Total Contributions
The above contributions to GRF add up to over $1,000,000. Additionally, the negotiated contract with Time Warner Cable has saved LWSB residents over $7,000,000 over the contracted period for basic cable service.